Some of you who know me might be wondering, why on earth am I starting yet another web site? I have sites for my writing (both poetry and Christian non-fiction under my real name and general market fiction under my pen name), publishing, ministry and a few other bits. So, why another one? Apart from the fact that I have an ever-so-tiny (arms stretched wide) addiction to building web sites, I wanted a place where I could pull the rest together and link to them, as well as to other places where I contribute writing, and also where I could put stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Those who don’t know me might be wondering, who is the strange woman? So, here goes:

I’ve been a Christian since December 21st 1974, and a preacher since June 10th 1975. I became an ordained minister in 1983, and since 1989 have done short-term missions trips to 15 different countries.

I’m a writer (now, you would never have guessed that, would you?) My Dad was a writer, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. Much of my writing has been Christian non-fiction written as part of my ministry, and writing poetry has often been a means of expressing things I could not express otherwise. Over the years I have also written a small amount of fiction, and as I move more into that area I decided it would be best to use a pen name for my fiction writing so people can easily distinguish between the genres.

Leading on from writing, I have become an independent publisher, using the business name Birdcatcher Books. I have published three of my own books (two Christian and one poetry) and one of my Dad’s poems. Because I want to start to move toward publishing the work of other people, last year I ran Birdcatcher Books’ first fiction competition, and have published an anthology from that. This year’s short story comp is currently being judged, and hopefully there will also be an anthology from it, and I have also launched a competition for Stories For Children, which I hope will lead to a book. And – ta da! – my first novel, Next Year In Huntsville, is due for release by the end of 2016.

As well as all that, I am currently the CEO of a charity, Barrier Breakers Inc, based in Traralgon in Victoria (Australia). Barrier Breakers is a mental health advocacy service, an area where there is a huge need, and I am finding the role interesting and challenging. I’m one of those truly blessed people who can honestly say, I love my job.

When I’m not doing any of those things I am, as I said, just slightly addicted to building web sites. I also love reading (fairly obvious for a writer), cooking, knitting and cross stitch, and I’m interested in health, history, different cultures, science, and all kinds of strange and fascinating stuff. I’m something of a bower-bird when it comes to collecting odd and unusual facts.

So, that’s what you can expect from this site: a little bit of everything. If you’re interested in some of the same things, please bookmark this site and come back regularly to check me out.

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